Sarah was born in 1981 in Pontefract, where she resided until her twenties when Leeds was the city of choice for commencing her art education and career. Sarah now resides in her forever home in South Yorkshire, where she has her own art studio for creating new pieces each day.

Sarah completed her National Diploma in Art at Leeds College of Art and Design in 2001, yet immediately went on to embark on a digital marketing career starting her own consultancy business in 2015. Art continued to be Sarah’s passion, where a multitude of techniques and styles were experimented with over the years including portraits and watercolour; then in 2018 Sarah discovered her unique style of replicating marble and mineral arrangements using a combination of acrylics and resin.

Sarah also creates unique paintings of baby ultrasounds using the same style, which was born from the losses of two babies since 2017. Sarah wanted to create a lasting memory of her ultrasound photos and now provides commissions to 100s of women all over the world; not only to remember ones we’ve lost but as beautiful gifts for new borns. Her distinctive marble abstract representation of the scans have been recognised by Barnsley Hospital where two of her pieces are hung in the Rainbow Room. 

Sarah’s work is driven by a simple desire to express emotions through colour, combined with her fascination of gemstones, minerals and geodes. The high gloss finish created through the use of resin forms an enchanting depth to each piece; coupled with occasional flickers of metallic leaf and shimmer, her pieces are truly mesmerising and highly unique. In fact, not one piece can be replicated due to the nature of how the mediums flow upon creation. 

Thankful that she is now able to pursue art every day, Sarah is excited to see where this journey takes her, having already reached an international scale with private commissions in New York and Dubai. Sarah has also completed commissions on a much larger scale for various well-known hairdressing and beauty salons in Yorkshire.

Sarah Louise Smith, Artist